What our clients say about us

‘A very professional and informative course. I will definitely be coming back for my refreshers (and more) in the future.’

TM CPC Refresher Course Learner (Online)

‘…if you think you know everything there is to know on this subject, then an OLAT course is great to show you what you didn’t know or, over time, what you’ve forgotten…The training was perfectly pitched at the level required of the audience.’

Bespoke OLAT Course Learner

‘I found the booking process and both the phone calls and the website very good and professional. The course was very well constructed and delivered without being over the top but also providing support to all people on the course.’

TM CPC Refresher Course Learner

‘Great course and great knowledge…best TM course I’ve been on.’

TM CPC Course learner

‘This course is useful and accessible to people at all levels, from knowing a little to knowing a lot.’

OLAT Course Learner (Online)

‘The course was great. I had very little knowledge but now feel a lot more confident in knowing the laws and how to stay compliant.’

OLAT Course Learner (Online)

‘A very informative course and well delivered.’

CPC Course Learner

‘The course is well designed, relevant and excellently delivered – well done to all involved.’

CPC Course Learner

‘[The Tutors] have been very helpful and I will recommend this training course… I would like to thank Paul for helping me out over the weekends with formulas and formats.’

TM CPC Course Learner

‘As a current training provider of 40 years, this presentation has been excellent. I will be leaving with areas of increased knowledge. Very well presented, and broken into sessions with different trainers.’

TM CPC Refresher Course Learner

‘It is so nice to come into a course that you enjoy! I enjoyed the “vibe”. I liked the atmosphere and it gave me confidence to talk in an arena where my peers are far more experienced than me!’

TM CPC Refresher Course Learner

‘Really enjoyable course very interesting and great atmosphere. Perfect information for any requirement and have recommended further staff to come on the course. Extremely interesting and professionally covered. My 1st course in 22 years very enjoyable!’

TM CPC Refresher Course Learner

‘[The trainer] has an unbelievable knowledge of the industry and has taught us a lot we didn’t know. He also went out of his way to answer off topic questions within transport.’

OLAT Course Learner